Phippen, Shoemaker, Reidinger

Peter Phippen:

Antique and contemporary shakuhachi flutes, Olwell bamboo flute, antique West African hunter's whistles, Coyote Oldman native American style flute, wooden whistle.

Victoria Shoemaker: 

Olwell bamboo flutes, Coyote Oldman Mojave flute, Hall crystal flute, Powell silver flute with Ellis African blackwood headjoint, antique West African hunter's whistles, wooden whistle, Xavier Quijas Yxayotl Aztec Death Whistle.

Brian B. Reidinger:

Frame drums, Spanish Tongue drum, Congas, Dombek, African Talking Drum, Djembe, Metal Pot, Contemporary Bass Drums, Old World Shakers (Thank you Peter Phippen), Piano, Ambient Keyboard Textures, and anything else that sounded “interesting…”

Front Cover photo by: Mark O’Brien

Back cover photo by: Brian B. Reidnger

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