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Peter Phippen is a Grammy Award Nominee, International Acoustic Music Awards Nominee and multiple Native American Music Awards Nominee. Phippen is a performer and recording artist specializing in traditional flutes from around the world. Over the last three decades Phippen has researched the history and performance technique of flutes both ancient and modern.

In his approach to world flute performance, he is an experiential, natural folk musician with a penchant for creative and artistic musical improvisation. Peter offers a captivating collage of sound images, covering the folklore and history of flutes from around the world and throughout time.

"Peter Phippen astonishes us again with flutes that are
played with a style that extends beyond imagination".
– Ethnotempos, France

“After hearing Peter play, no one can doubt his aptitude.”
– Sarah Dobs; Volume One, Eau Claire, WI.