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One World Music Radio UK   - Steve Sheppard,

           "I must be honest here, I have now listened to this album 3 times in a row and I’m really having                a hard job pulling away from it. Forest of a Thousand Songs by Peter Phippen & Arja Kastinen                is probably one of the finest examples of flute and string based ambient music I have heard for              absolutely years."                                                            
New Age CD, Zone Music Reporter.  
 - Dyan Garris,
             "A thousand accolades for this calming, truly healing album."      
Artisan Music Reviews   
- RJ Lannan,
              "These eight World genre tracks on the album are neither East nor West, but omni-versal.                          Meaning the sounds are representative of this good Earth and conceivably beyond. They are                  more than just flute and kantele. Thunder, rain, birdsong, and more make an appearance.                        The album at times is an exercise in musical minimalistic splendor. At other times the music                  fills the spirit to the very top."                                                                                          

World Flute Society, Executive Director - Dr. Kathleen Joyce-Grendahl

It is my opinion that Peter Phippen is the most overlooked flutist in the industry. He is not only a gifted world flutist, but he is a true artist. Each musical note is a color on the palette and each phrase a soulful brush stroke, creating a musical work of art to be cherished and taken into the soul like a warm drink of musical sustenance. Phippen's music comes from his heart, and he has much to say to the world and many gifts to reveal. There are many people in the world who play world flutes, but there are few who are soulful, truly ambient artists like Peter Phippen

Music Design

Few flutists bring as much warmth and richness to a single tone as Peter Phippen does. His playing is earthy, improvised and impressionistic, offering listeners a beautifully serene atmosphere for meditation and reflection.

Arizona Daily Sun

Phippen has his own style--a style worth noticing.

Volume One, Eau Claire, WISarah Dobbs

After hearing Peter play, no one can doubt his aptitude.


Zone Music ReporterRJ Lannan

Phippen's tune, Lascaux is a shaman's dream.

New Age Retailer, Music News and Reviews

A rare find for lovers of flute music.

Watertown Daily Times, New York - David P. Demar, Jr.

Words like 'ethereal' and 'superb' work well on his list of critical superlatives.

Victory Acoustic Magazine

Phippen's flute expresses reverence, sorrow, joy and love
with soft haunting clarity.

Belarus Music Reviewer, Minsk Belarus - Serge Kozlovsky

Peter Phippen is a heaven-born flutist. His flutes are so precise in reproducing the finest nuances of human emotions


Amon Olorin Flutes - Ken Light

Peter is not only a fine musician, but has developed a working understanding of the North American flute tradition that in my opinion qualifies him as one of a very few authorities on the subject. Peter's enthusiasm for everything he does complements his high level of skill as a musician as well as his many contributions to the native flute community. Peter is a good friend, colleague, and I am happy to give him my highest recommendation.

All Music, - Steve Huey

Phippen’s flutes are melodic and passionate yet never flashy, and enhance the peaceful moods of the compositions.

Skyline Studio, - Ivar Lunder, Jr.

Mr. Phippen is a consummate artist and gifted performer of the Native American/World flutes, and electric bass guitar. His work is of the highest caliber.

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