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Marcus Leader (Author, Toltec Shaman, and Parapsychologist) writes:

Peter Phippen’s flute solos have long been known to mesmerize and captivate audiences transporting them into higher, peaceful states of awareness. His uncanny ability to release control of the flute allows his own spirit to merge and resonate with the spirit of the instrument and environment around him creating an “otherworldly” ambience that caresses the deepest levels of the soul. What many do not know is that this phenomenon transcends the world of the living piercing the veil by creating a sympathetic resonance between the living and the dead. It is no wonder that when Peter plays in the darkness of sacred places his music shines like a beacon through dimensional realities beckoning the spirits of those who have crossed over to return and listen to his enchanting melodies. I know this to be true because as a private researcher with the professional division of the Monroe Institute I have witnessed this firsthand in the laboratory and in the field using his music at sacred sites.

With his new album, Peter’s abilities to enchant and captivate both the living and the world of spirit have never shined brighter. When I first listened to GHOSTS, I sat in darkness illuminated only by a single candle and relaxed to his hauntingly beautiful music. I could almost hear the spirits calling out from within those ancient antique flutes as Peter conjured them into manifestation. After a few moments, I got that feeling of not being alone as a gathering of spirits became evident. I believe that at least one was that of a beloved ancestor. The entire experience brought a sense of peace and love to my soul and tears to my eyes. GHOSTS captures the essence of the shadow realm. Listen to the album and be taken on a journey of the soul where you just might encounter lost loved ones.


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