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"Phippen has his own style - a style worth noticing."
~ Arizona Daily Sun

The sounds of his [Phippen's] solo flute improvisations are at once mysterious, graceful, refined, and captivating, the sound surrounding the listener like a warm blanket on a cold starlit night from the top of a precipice, the waves of shimmering sonic beauty wafting across the sky.

Peter Thelen, "Exposé Online"

"Crawford’s crystal bowls lay the groundwork upon which Phippen's antique shakuhachi flute vibrations soar. Lunde's cosmic synthesized soundscapes assist in unfolding the magic from Spirit, creating captivating imagery from all that is Mother Nature."
- Projekt Records

“Utterly transfixing.” - Dyan Garris, New Age CD

"Peter is a real Phenomenon. He has shown a real talent with early Native American Aerophones. I hope others will enjoy his music as much as I."
– Dr. Richard W. Payne, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Author of "The Native American Plains Flute," "The Hopi Flute Ceremony" and "Indigenous Aerophones of the Northwest Coast"

A truly universal instrument native to all cultures, the flute speaks directly to the heart. In Night Song flutist Peter Phippen uses flutes from around the world - the Shakuhachi, Bansuri, Irish whistle, Native American and Papago flutes - to create a musical poetry evoking the mystery and stillness of the night and to touch the depths in each of us.

Robert Doyle
Canyon Records

“There is a rare synergy here that simply can’t be defined. It’s magical.”
Dyan Garris
New Age CD/
Zone Music Reporter/
Spirit Seeker Magazine.

 These eight World genre tracks on the album are neither East nor West, but omni-versal. Meaning the sounds are representative of this good Earth and conceivably beyond. They are more than just flute and kantele. Thunder, rain, birdsong, and more make an appearance. The album at times is an exercise in musical minimalistic splendor. At other times the music fills the spirit to the very top.

RJ Lannan

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