"Phippen has his own style - a style worth noticing."
~ Arizona Daily Sun

A truly universal instrument native to all cultures, the flute speaks directly to the heart. In Night Song flutist Peter Phippen uses flutes from around the world - the Shakuhachi, Bansuri, Irish whistle, Native American and Papago flutes - to create a musical poetry evoking the mystery and stillness of the night and to touch the depths in each of us.

Robert Doyle


Canyon Records


Peter Phippen and David Roll have crafted a magnificent album with Unearthed. Different styles meld into an album with distinct tracks, echoing with melodies and compositions to stir the introspective elements of your soul. It is highly recommended if you want a breath of fresh air from the frenzied pace of everyday life.                     5/5 Stars

Dana Wright

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