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Skyline Studio
Mr. Phippen is a consummate artist and gifted performer of the Native American/World flutes...His work is of the highest caliber. -Ivar lunde Jr. Owner Skyline Studios / Professor Emeritus of Music at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Austria 1994
Hausa Schmidl teaching Peter the Germanic folk flute, Austria 1994
Oklahoma City 2002
Dr. Richard Payne (Toubat) and Peter, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2002

"Peter is a real Phenomenon, He has shown a real talent with early Native American Aerophones. I hope others will enjoy his music as much as I."
– Dr. Richard W. Payne, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Author of "The Native American Plains Flute," "The Hopi Flute Ceremony" and "Indigenous Aerophones of the Northwest Coast"
Pensacola Florida
Radio Live broadcast, Pensacola, Florida
Musical Echoes Festival
Spiritual Significance of Music
Peter is featured in the book:
"The Spiritual Significance of Music"
Belmont California
Peter, R. Carlos Nakai and Xavier Yxayotl, INAFA Convention, Belmont, CA
Eau Claire WI
Peter, Tiit Raid, and Arja Kastinen performing for the 2014 World Flute Society Convention at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire.

Lavender Calm stands apart from all the rest in that genre [new age]: it is not a mix of shallow sweet sounds designed to relax the listener as is the usual case with music in this category. Lavender Calm is so much more, so much deeper, than new age music. - Gerald M. Henkel, New World Finn
Madison, WI
Peter and Enrique Rueda performing in Madison, WI
Eau Claire, WI
Peter, G S Sachdev and Tiit Raid. World Flute Society Convention at UW-Eau Claire

"Peter Phippen's music comes from the heart and touches
the soul. That is God's gift to a musician."
– G. S. Sachdev, Bansuri Flute Master
Appleton, WI
Peter performing at Lawrence University.

"Peter is a consummate musician and a generous educator. As a performer, his mastery of such a variety of world flute styles is astounding. The subtlety of his performance was transcendent."
– Brian Pertl, Dean, Lawrence Conservatory of Music
Las Vegas, Nevada
Peter performing with Native American Music Award winning artist Kelly Jackson at the House of Blues Las Vegas, NV.

Peter Phippen contributed to my debut album, "Spirit of a Woman"...His majestic flute melodies added to the character of the album in ways that are indescribable. It is truly an honor to be included in the many projects Peter's music decorates. Many miigwitches ~ Ms. Kelly Jackson
Prescott, AZ
Recording with Byron Metcalf, Prescott, AZ
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Pensacola Florida

Radio Live broadcast, Pensacola, Florida Musical Echoes Festival