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Peter Phippen

Grammy Award Nominee, Peter Phippen is an innovative performer of flutes of the world.

Researching the performance technique and history of his vast collection of antique and contemporary anthropological aerophones ultimately led him to bring this knowledge to concert stages and educational facilities.

Since 1993, Phippen has performed concerts, workshops and artist residencies that are both educational and entertaining - an enchanting mix of the very old and very new in music. Peter has shared the stage with R. Carlos Nakai, Coyote Oldman, and Xavier Quijas Yxayotl to name a few.

Experience Peter Phippen's timeless world of sound images through concerts, workshops, lectures, assembly programs and residencies. His educational and entertaining program covers the folklore and history of flutes from around the world and throughout time. Check out Peter's song "Summerwind" on video along with Peter and Arja Kastinen's "Drawing Down The Moon" and "Phippen, Kastinen, Raid HD 720p".

As a recording artist for Canyon Records, Phippen has released four CDs of original music. Peter has also released several instrumental albums for Promotion Music Records. Phippen's recordings have been aired on radio and television world wide.

Sacred Spaces
Sacred Spaces
Native American Music Awards
Nominee 2014

Native American Music Awards
Nominee 2011
Shadows of Dawn
Shadows of Dawn CD

Native American Music Awards
Nominee 2007
  Woodnotes Wyld
Woodnotes Wyld
53rd Grammy Award
Nominee 2010
Night Song
Night Song CD

Native American Music Awards
Nominee 2003
Echoes of the Past
Echoes of the Past CD

Crossroads Music Awards
Book of Dreams
Book of Dreams CD

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