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Peter Phippen"Peter Phippen's music comes from the heart and touches the soul. That is God's gift to a musician."
G. S. Sachdev

"Peter is a consummate musician and a generous educator. His World Flute presentation was so engaging that none of us wanted it to end! As a performer, his mastery of such a variety of world flute styles is astounding. The subtlety of his performance was transcendent. We look forward to his next visit."
Brian Pertl, Dean, Lawrence Conservatory of Music

"Peter Phippen astonishes us again with flutes that are played with a style that extends beyond imagination".
Ethnotempos, France

"Traditionally, the Native American flute has a sound that could be characterized as haunting. Few flutists, however, bring as much warmth and richness to a single tone as Peter Phippen does. His playing is earthy, improvised and impressionistic, offering listeners a beautifully serene atmosphere for meditation and reflection."
Music Design. 'Night Song' CD review

"Phippen has his own style--a style worth noticing."
Arizona Daily Sun

"Words like 'ethereal' and 'superb' work well on his list of critical superlatives."
David P. DeMar, Jr., Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, New York

"Phippen's flute expresses reverence, sorrow, joy and love with soft haunting clarity."
Victory Acoustic Magazine

"A rare find for lovers of flute music."
New Age Retailer, Music News and Reviews

"Peter is a real Phenomenon, He has shown a real talent with early Native American Aerophones. I hope others will enjoy his music as much as I."
Dr. Richard W. Payne, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Author of "The Native American Plains Flute," "The Hopi Flute Ceremony" and "Indigenous Aerophones of the Northwest Coast"

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"To say Peter exemplified professionalism and sheer genius on the stage would be an understatement. He played for over two hours and still had people wanting more."
Dr. LJ Baylis, President, The Findley Lake Nature Center, Findley Lake, NY

"Peter is a true artist in that he enlightens through performance. I have had the opportunity to witness this kind of artistry only infrequently during performances by R. Carlos Nakai and Branford Marsalis. Peter Ranks among these world class performers in terms of his virtuosity".
Paula Stuettgen, Coordinator, Student Development and Programs, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Summer Sessions Programs

"I am delighted to recommend Mr. Peter Phippen to any organization seeking an outstanding music educator and/or a wonderfully entertaining and talented performer of world flutes. He is a gifted and dedicated teacher who patiently guides his students to high levels of achievement, and his music performances are always exciting, fun and informative. We are most pleased with Peter's work in the Dallas Community Colleges and expect to have a continuing relationship with him for many years to come."
Bill Tucker, Vice Chancellor of Planning and Development, Dallas Community College District, Dallas, Texas

"Phippen's flute playing is overwhelmingly beautiful and enchanting, some of the most gentle and heartfelt that I have heard. CNU music majors are still talking about Peter's performance. They were stunned, amazed and delighted! Peter's considerable knowledge, professionalism, and tremendous enthusiasm really impacted the students in a positive way."
Dr. Kathleen Joyce-Grendahl, Executive Director, International Native American Flute Association; Professor of Flute/Music Theory, Christopher Newport University, Newport News, Virginia

Photo of transverse alto bamboo flute